Entrische Kirche

The Eerie Church

Useful Information

Location: The cave is in the Gasteiner Klamm in the Gastein Valley. From the parking lot of the railroad station Klammstein, near the Bundesstraße (highway) you walk about 40min.
Open: Whitsunday-JUN Tue-Sun 11-15.
JUL-AUG daily 15-17, tours on the hour. SEP-OCT Tue-Sun 11-15.
Fee: Adults EUR 7, Children (-15) EUR 4.50. Groups (15+): Adults EUR 6.50, Children (-15) EUR 3.80.
Dimension: A=1,040m asl, T=6°C.
Guided tours: Normal tour every hour, 50min.
Special tour, only with climbing boots, gloves, protective clothing and a helmet, 6 hours.
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Address: R. Erlmooser, Unternberg 32, A-5632 Dorfgastein, Tel: +43-6433-7695, +43-664-9861347, Fax +43-6416-59924.
Verkehrsverein (tourist information), A-5632 Dorfgastein
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1428 first reports abut the cave.
16th century served as a meeting and hiding place for the Protestant community.
1920 explored by Martin Mell to a depth of 50m.
1930 declared a natural monument.
1962 Richard Erlmoser, discovered another level of the cave.


This cave is known for a very long time. In the 16th and 18th century it was used as a hiding place by Protestants, which feared repression and persecution from their Catholic compatriots.

In 1962, the current lessee, Richard Erlmoser, discovered another level of the cave (the first floor) and found prehistoric relics of human and animals (bears). On the normal tour you will see this lower level with large halls and domes. The track will lead to a small brook.

The second level of the cave, about 180m higher, can be visited with special tours.

People have repeatedly reported that a single visit to the cave has healed different aches and diseases! A few years ago a para-scientific research showed, that the cave has a high level of Natural Earth Energy: 22,800 to 32,000 Bovis-units were measured. This scale goes from zero to infinite, a neutral value would be 6,500 Bovis, higher values are life supporting. It is named after a French researcher, and measures Bio Photon Activating Energy Units. Whatever this may be. But if you really beleive in such stuff, you should definitely visit this cave.