Griffener Tropfsteinhöhle

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Location: Kirchplatz 1, 9112 Griffen 53.
Griffen, Kärnten. A2 Wien-Klagenfurt, exit Griffen. The entrance is only 60 m from the marketplace, at the foot of the castle mountain.
(46.703960, 14.730912)
Open: MAY-SEP daily 10-15, hourly.
Fee: Adults EUR 9.50, Children (4-15) EUR 5.50, Children (0-3) free, Students (-26) EUR 7.50, Seniors (65+) EUR 8.50.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 7.50, School Pupils (4-15) EUR 5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Triassic limestone.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=485 m, T=8 °C, A=485 m asl.
Guided tours: D=40 min, Min=5, Max=25.
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Friedrich Hans Ucik (1990): Führer durch die Tropfsteinhöhle im Griffener Schlossberg, (mit Beiträgen von Erwin Graze, Günther Körner, Walter Leitner) Verlag Verschönerungsvereins Markt Griffen, Klagenfurt 1990, 38 Seiten, 8 Farbfotos. (2. überarbeitete Auflage). Deutsch - German
Address: Tropfsteinhöhle Griffen, Kirchplatz 1, 9112 Griffen 53, Tel: +43-4233-2029, Tel: +43-4233-3232, Tel: +43-4233-3031. E-mail: contact
Marktgemeindeamt Griffen, 9112 Griffen 86, Tel: +43-4233-2247-0, Fax: +43-4233-2247-32.
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1945 discovered in the last months of World War II, in search for an air-raid shelter.
1956 opened to the public.
1957 declared a Natural Monument.
13-MAR-1957 declared a Naturdenkmal (natural monument).


Griffner Tropfsteinhöhle or Griffener Tropfsteinhöhle (Griffen Dripstone Cave) is called Austrias most coloured cave! As a matter of fact this cave is quite small, so they concentrate on the fact that the speleothems are colourful. The colours are a result of iron oxides which are either reddish or beige, and manganese which is black. The same colours are found in any karst cave, but they are nevertheless right, this cave is quite colourful.

It is located in the Schloßberg (castle mountain), the southern outcrop of the Saualpe. This huge limestone rock got its name from the former castle on its top, which is now a ruin. The cave was used in prehistoric times but was forgotten. It was rediscovered in 1945 when the locals were searching for air raid shelters at the end of World War II in 1945. The Verschönerungsverein Griffen (Beautification Association Griffen), a local non-profit association, transformed it into a show cave after the war.

Two fireplaces and tools show that this cave was visited by stone age man. The remains allowed the reconstruction how man lived 20.000 to 30.000 years ago in this area. The bones of cave bear, cave hyaena, cave lion, mammoth,giant deer, woolly rhinoceros, and many other animals were found.

This cave was the only show cave in Kärten for a long time, until the ShowcaveObir Tropfsteinhöhlen were opened in 1991.