Jenolan Caves

Lucas Cave

Useful Information

Location: 182 km west of Sydney. Right side of Grand Archway.
Open: All year Mon-Fri 11:30, 14, Sat 10:30, 11:30, 13, 13:30, 14, 15, Sun 10:30, 11:30, 13, 14, 15.
Additional tours during NSW school holidays and on some long weekends.
Fee: Adults AUD 27, Children (6-12) AUD 18.50, Children (0-5) free, Family (2+3) AUD 65.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightLED Lighting
Dimension: L=20,000 m, VR=200 m, A=790 m asl, T=16 °C. L=528 m.
Guided tours: D=90 min, L=860 m, St=910.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, P.O.Box 1495, Bathurst. NSW 2795.
Littlebourne St, Kelso (Bathurst) NSW 2795, Tel: (063) 32 5888 (office), Fax: (063) 32 9399
Jenolan Caves, Jenolan Caves. NSW 2790, Phone: (063) 59 3311, Fax: (063) 59 3307
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1860 discovered by Nicholas Irvin and George Whiting.
1860 opened to the public.
1892 passage from Grand Arch to Lucas Balcony discovered by F. Wilson.
1894 electric light.
1897 passage from Grand Arch to Lucas Balcony used as new entrance.
1901 short tunnel cut from Lucas Cave to Balcony.
SEP-2004 new light systems with energy saving lamps.


Broken Column, Lucas Cave, Jenolan Caves, Australia. ©Mathias Duckeck.

Lucas Cave is the most interesting cave at Jenolan. It is recommended to visit this cave if you do not have more time or do not want to visit more than one cave. It offers the biggest chamber of all Jenolan caves and a wider range of different speleothems. All in all a worthwhile visit of 90 minutes.

The Cathedral is the highest chamber of this tour, and also the highest chamber of all Jenolan caves, 54 m high. It is sometimes used for weddings and for concerts, for example by the Australian-born coloratura soprano Dame Joan Sutherland or the Wiener Sängerknaben (Vienna Boys Choir). The dates of the infrequent concerts are published on the official website of Jenolan.

In the next chamber, the Exhibition Chamber, the most famous speleothem of the cave is located. It is just a common pillar or column, where stalactite and stalagmite have grown until they joined and formed a column from the ceiling to the floor. But this one is special as it is broken into two parts, with a rather wide gap in between, that's why it is called Broken Column. The reason for the crack is most likely a movement in the debris it has grown on.

The Jenolan cave system has a lowest level with a cave river. Here at Lucas is the only possibility to get a glimpse of this underground river. The blue green water flows 20 m below the tour path, the gorge is crossed on a bridge.

Lucas cave was named after John Lucas. He was a local parliamentarian and was responsible for having a reserve declared for the protection of the caves.