Grottes de Lustin

Useful Information

Location: Lustin
Open: All year Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun 11-18:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 1.85, Children EUR 1.50, Family EUR 1.50 per Person.
Groups: Adults 1.50.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch.
Guided tours:
Address: Grotte de Lustin & Belvédère, Rue du Belvédère 5, B-5170 Lustin, Tel: +32-81-411123. E-mail: contact
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The Grotte de Lustin is a rather small cave, which is not suitable for elderly or corpulent people. Actually it is not even a show cave in the common sense.

The cave is reached on a dead eand road which leads down to parking lot. From here its only a few steps to a small resaurant called Belvédère. And thats actually what it is: a nice 19th century outlook, transformed into a restaurant. Prices are typical for French and Belgium restaurant, more or less expensive, but the view on the river Meuse valley is excetional.

To visit the cave you must ask the waiter or waitres for the key, and pay the nominal fee. Then there is a trail from the restaurant across the rock to a small cave entrance. The cave starts with a passage which ich only about an meter high and rather narrow, so it is necessary to stoop. A fine keyhole passage is winding through the rock, continually widening. Finally a series of three chambers with partly collapsed roof follows. There is a shaft which is crossed on a bridge, and finally the end of the cave in sight of the restaurant is reached.

The cave is not developed in a commoin sense, as there is no paved trail or handrails. But there is a bridge to cross the only difficult spot, and the rest of the cave is faily level. Because of the narrow and low entrance it is not suitable for unfit people, but a great fun for children. There is no light and we recommend a torch, even a helmet with a headlamp is a fine idea if you own one, but actually it is not necessary. There is no way to get lost in the narrow section, and when the cave widens there are enough holes to allow daylight into the cave.