Caverna Água Suja

Useful Information

Location: Petar National Park, Santana Center.
3 km from the Bairro Serra (Serra Village) in Iporanga. 2 km walk from the center to the cave.
(-24.5259596, -48.7084141)
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave Speleologyriver cave.
Light: none
Guided tours: L=1,000 m.
Address: Caverna Água Suja.
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Caverna Água Suja is a river cave. The visitor enters the cave walking in the brook, which leaves the cave through its entrance. The trip is about 1,000 m long, walking into the cave 500 m to a 2 m high waterfall, which makes any proceeding impossible. Then the visitors turn around and go back the same way.

The whole tour is done walking through the water. The river gets sometimes deeper, but never more than 1.50 m. Despite the rather high water temperatures, this cave trip is suitable only to physically fit visitors. Water proof light and rubber boots are a very good idea.

As it is a river cave, there are not many speleothems. Noteworthy are some rimstone dams.