Furna do Buraco do Padre

Useful Information

Location: Parque Nacional dos Campos Gerais (National Park of Campos Gerais). 1km walk through woods.
Open: All year Wed-Sun 18:30-20.
Fee: Free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:  
Address: Furna do Buraco do Padre, Águia Florestal, Rod. PR 151 Km 116, Jardim Eldorado, Ponta Grossa, PR, Tel: +55-42-3220-2677. E-mail: contact
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Furna do Buraco do Padre (Priest's Hole Cavern) is a huge cavern with a 30m high waterfall and a cave river called Rio Quebra Perna. Light is provided by a huge hole in the ceiling. The river is warm and the spot is very popular as a bathing spot. The cave was named due to Jesuits who came here to meditate and to take refuge inside.

The cave is rather special, as it is not a karst cave. It is an erosional cave in sandstone. It was named a sítio geológicos brasileiros (Brasilian geologic site) by the Comissão Brasileira de Sítios Geológicos e Paleobiológicos (Brazilian Commission of Geology and Palaeobiology) in 2002. The site is managed by Águia Florestal (Eagle Forest), a public forrestry company. It is part of the Parque Nacional dos Campos Gerais (National Park of Campos Gerais). The site ist not developed but the walk to the cave is only one kilometer long and easy.