Paraná is located in the south of the country, bordered by São Paulo and Santa Catarina, Argentina and Paraguay on the west and by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The state was originally settled in the 16th century, but mainly confined to the coasts. The rest of the country was searched by wood cutters for Paubrasilia, the Brazilian timber tree Pernambuco wood or brazilwood. The state has a coastal zone in the east, the mountains of Serra do Mar, and then three plateaus, each lower than the other. It is bordered by the Rio Paraná and Rio Iguaçu, which is on the UNESCO WHL with the Iguaçu Falls.

The cave has several caves with cave trekking but only one show cave. The Casa da Pedra is often mentioned, because it is the only cave of volcanic origin in Brazil, which gives the wrong impression that it is open to the public. It is actually located on private property and accessible only to cavers and scientists after an agreement with the city of Palmital and the owner.