Gruta dos Jesuítas

Jesuit's Cave

Useful Information

Location: At the Parque Estadual de Campinhos. BR-476, turn west at Cempestre.
(-25.0376952, -49.0895477)
Open: All year Tue-Fri 9-16.
Last tour 14:30.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=1,400 m, T=16-18 °C, H=95-100%.
Guided tours: L=550 m, D=80 min, D=50 min, MinAge=12, Max=50.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Francisco Carlos Rehme, Nilton Cezar Tridapalli, Vinícius Soares Pinto (2011): Produção Estudantil de Vídeo Didático: A Gruta dos Jesuítas no Parque Estadual de Campinhos – Pr, ANAIS do 31º Congresso Brasileiro de Espeleologia, Ponta Grossa-PR, 21-24 de julho de 2011 – Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia. pdf
Address: Parque Estadual de Campinhos, Unnamed Rd, 83480-000 Tunas do Paraná - PR, Tel: +55-41-3659-1428, Tel: +55-41-3213-3407. E-mail: E-mail:
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1960 Parque Estadual de Campinhos created by State Decree No. 31,013.
2003 Parque Estadual de Campinhos closed to the public.
2023 Parque Estadual de Campinhos reopened to the public.


Gruta dos Jesuítas (Jesuit Cave) is the fifth-largest cave in the state of Paraná. It is located in the Parque Estadual de Campinhos (Campinhos State Park), in Tunas.

The cave is not developed, but mostly horizontal with a sort of trail. But there are some muddy crawls, and it is necessary to walk through the cave river and get wet. For the visit you must bring your equipment, helmet, headlamp, reserve lamp, batteries, walking shoes or gum boots. For afterwards, we recommend strongly a second set of clothes, a big plastic bag for the dirty stuff, and a towel. A helmet is provided by the park if you forget yours, but without closed shoes or a monitor ambiental you are not allowed to enter the cave. For the trail bring sunscreen, repellent and a cap or hat. Also, you should bring snacks and water, as there is no possibility to purchase food or drinks in the park.