Gruta da Lancinha

Useful Information

Location: Monumento Natural Gruta da Lancinha. Municipality of Rio Branco do Sul, 30 km from Curitiba.
(-25.1679770, -49.2862838)
Open: All years daily after appointment.
Fee: Adults BRL 25, Parking BRL 10.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave Speleologyriver cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=2,800 m.
Guided tours:
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Gruta da Lancinha, Secretaria Municipal do Meio Ambiente de Rio Branco do Sul, Rio Branco do Sul PR 83540-000, Tel: +55-41-3973-8166, WhatsApp: +55-41-99779-4737, WhatsApp: +55-41-99860-6382. E-mail:
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2006 Monumento Natural da Gruta da Lancinha created.


Gruta da Lancinha is located in the mountain region of Açungüi, which was named after Rio Açungüi. The karst area in dolomitic limestone of the Votuverava formation of the Açungüi Group has numerous caves. The most important are the caves of Itapicuruçu, das Fadas and Lancinha. For some reason Lancinha, which is an undeveloped river cave of the Rio Ribeirão da Lança, is considered a show cave. What they mean is probably that it is not illegal to visit the cave. Or it's the fact that it can be visited with guides However, the cave has a 1,700 m long river passage, and the visit is wet and muddy, and requires caving equipment and some caving experience.

There are three possible entrances to the cave, which form three different tourist routes. The first is around 500 m long, and is a semi-wild, mostly horizontal cave tour which is not very difficult. The second, which leads to a waterfall, is one kilometer long, and includes wading through water. The third is the longest with a length of 1.5 km and the most difficult. It leads to the Salão das Festas (Hall of Festivities), which is the largest cave hall in the state. This tour is a full caving tour and takes 4 h. In other words, there are three different cave-trekking tours of different difficulties.

The cave guides are registered by the Secretaria Municipal do Meio Ambiente de Rio Branco do Sul. For tours, you must contact them, never go into the caves unaccompanied. Keep the cave clean, do not remove or break anything, do not smoke in the cave. Bring a helmet, headlamp, water-resistant walking shoes or gum boots,