Cavernas Misteriosas

Useful Information

Location: Paulo Frontin
(-26.042621, -50.833364)
Open: only after appointment.
Classification: SpeleologyBurrows
Light: bring torch
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Cavernas Misteriosas, Prefeitura Municipal de Paulo Frontin, Rui Barbosa, 204, Paulo Frontin - PR CEP: 84635-000, Tel: +55-42-3543-1210, Tel: +55-42-3543-1212. E-mail:
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Cavernas Misteriosas (Mysterious Caves) are a unique sight. They are animal caves or burrows dug by giant sloths into the thick layer of clay. To say it again: these caves were dug by extinct animals, they are paleoburrows.

The caves are undeveloped and much of the caves are crawls, they are actually no tourist caves. Nevertheless, the city government manages the caves and offers guided tours for interested groups. The tours are guided by local cavers. The site is of national fame, as it was featured in an adventure tourism magazine on Brazilian TV. The clips are online, follow the links below, but unfortunately they are in Português - Portuguese.