Caverna do Morro Preto

Black Hill Cave

Useful Information

Location: Petar National Park, Nucleo Santana. 3 km from the Bairro Serra (Serra Village) in Iporanga. The cave is 500 m from the center.
(-24.5334040, -48.6993811)
Open: Park center: all year Tue-Sun 8-17.
Cave: no restrictions.
Fee: Park: Adults BRL 13, Children (0-12) free, Seniors (60+) free, Disabled free, Students BRL 6.50.
Parking: Car BRL 6, Motorcycle BRL 4, Bus BRL 12.
Cave: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: none
Dimension: L=832 m, VR=61 m.
Guided tours: L=200 m, D=30 min. Entrance: H=25 m.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: not accessible
Address: Caverna do Morro Preto, Petar National Park, Núcleo Santana - Rodovia SP-165 - Km 159. E-mail:
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Caverna do Morro Preto is noted for its nice entrance portal, which is some 25 m high. The first room is about 3 m deeper than the portal and was excavated for prehistoric remains. Very impressive is the huge pillar in the middle of the entrance hall, a huge stalagnate which is reached through the entrance by sunlight, at least for a short time every day. This is a quite popular motive, the column

The cave has a total length of 832 m, but only the first 200 m are open for the pubic. In this part drops are developed with wooden staircases, while the horizontal parts are undeveloped. A guide from the nearby Santana Center is recommended. Minimum equipment is helmet, warm clothes, sturdy shoes, headlamp, and probably gloves.

The rest of the cave is rather difficult to visit, as there are many vertical parts. There is also a connection to the Caverna do Couto.