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Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=1000m
Guided tours:  
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The Seefeldhöhle is named after the plateau where it is located, which is called Seefeld. The cave is also called Tropfloch (dripping hole) obviously a reminiscence on many dripstones, which are unfortunately almost completely destroyed. This limestone ridge north of the Thunersee (Thun Lake) is famous for the Siebenhengste cave system, which is one of the largest cave systems of Switzerland and Europe. The accessible caves in the area, like the show cave Beatushöhe and this cave, are not connected to the huge Siebenhengste system.

The Seefeldhöhle is located inside a 200 m thick ayer of eocene sandstone. tthe sandstone has three layer, the upper an lower layer are sand cemented by calcite, which is soluble by water. The middle layer is cemented by quartz which is not soluble, and even impermeable. As a result the areas were the middle layer reaches the surface are swamps, the water is dammed by the ground. The Wagenmoos is such an area, Moos is a term refering to moss, which generally needs a lot of water and predfers swampy areas. The Seefeldhöhle is located in the lowest layer, whcih is about 20 m thick. As the cave is restricted to this rock layer it is almost horizontal and has only one level. The layer dips to the south, so does the cave. The cave system has numerous passages running more or less north to south connected by short east west passsages.

This is the only cave in the area which is accessible except the Beatushöhle show cave. All other systems are closed and very dangerous. This cave, which is almost horizontal, is less demanding, does not require equipment for vertical drops, and is unfortunately very much frequented. If you want to visit the cave bring sufficient eqipment like sturdy boots, clothes to change, helmet, headlamp and other light sources. Never cave alone and tell someone at which time you plan to be back.