Kraftwerk Grimsel 2

Useful Information

Location: Meeting point at the KWO in Innertkirchen.
Open: Besucherzentrum Grimselstrom: JUN to OCT daily.
Kraftwerk Grimsel 2: JUN to OCT Mon-Wed, Sun 13. Only after appointment!
Fee: Besucherzentrum Grimselstrom: free.
Kraftwerk Grimsel 2: Adults CHF 27, Children (7-18) CHF 20.
Groups: first 20 persons CHF 150, additional persons CHF 5.
Classification: underground tunnels of hydro electric power plant
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=4.5 h, 3 h underground.
Address: KWO, Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG, 3862 Innertkirchen, Tel: +41-33-9822011, Fax: +41-33-9822005. E-mail: contact
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The Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG is one of the leading hydro electric power companies of the Alps. It produces electricity in numerous power plants in the southern Kanton Bern. The most impressive power plants are located around the Grimsel Pass. An power station Grimsel 2 is open to the public.

A visit to the power station includes various sites and takes several hours. It starts and ends at the headquarter of the Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG. Part of the tour is always the Besucherzentrum Grimselstrom (visitor center Grimsel electricity) on the Grimsel Hospiz. It is also possible to visit only this museum which is open daily and free. From here the visitors are brought to the Grimsel Pass by bus. They are carried several kilometers underground through the tunnels of the power plant.