Emmi Cheese Cave Kaltbach

Useful Information

Location: Kaltbach, north of Luzern
Open: Once per month, after appointment, at 18.
Fee: free.
Classification: ExplainCellar
Light: electric
Dimension: L=2,000m, T=10-12.5°C, H=94%.
Guided tours:  
Address: Emmi Käse AG, customer service, Habsburgerstrasse 12, 6002 Luzern. E-mail: contact
Information and registration: Free: 0800-570757.
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1956 extra 150m added.
1972-1976 another 350m added.
1991 extended to a total of 1,000m.
2010 extended to a total of 2,000m.


Emmi is a Swiss chees company, which is obviously named after the Emmental cheese. The company buys chees from numerous dairy companies and other cheese producers, stores them in artificial sandstone caves where the cheese is tended to perfection and matured in ideal climatic conditions and then sold all over central Europe. The sandstone caves, located at Kaltbach near Lucerne, have been enlarged with the amount of cheese sold by the company. Originally local farmers stored their produce and equipment in the caves. From an original length of some 50m, the cave extended again and again. Currently it has a length of 2,000m and houses 50,000 wheels of cheese.

The sandstone is ideal for the maturation of cheese because it regulates humidity. The climate in the cave is constant all year round. It is used to mature mostly Emmentaler and Gruyère produced by the 10 best cheese dairies in Switzerland. They stay in the caves for several months.

Visitation of the caves are offered on a regular basis, but only to Friends of Kaltbach. Visit their website to register for free. Then you may inscribe on a waiting list, as the visits are fully booked for almost a year in advance. But the visits are free and include an opulent cheese buffet.