Festung Vitznau

Useful Information

Location: Vitznau
Open: MAY to OCT Tue, Fri 17.
NOV to APR 1st Sat 14.
Groups all year after appointment.
Fee: Adults CHF 15, Children (6-16) CHF 7.50.
Guest Card Holder: Adults CHF 12, Children (6-16) CHF 6.
Guided Tours:
Groups (1-9): CHF 150.
Groups (10+): Per Person CHF 15.
Groups (26+): Per Person CHF 12.
Tickets available at the tourist info at Weggis, Vitznau and Rigi, at the camping reception Vitznau, and immediatly before the tour at the fortress.
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker SubterraneaSecret Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=500 m, T=12 °C.
Guided tours: D=90 min.
Address: Verein Festung Vitznau, Postfach 37, 6354 Vitznau, Tel: +41-41-397-0186. E-mail: contact
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DEC-1941 construction started.
JAN-1943 completed.
1954 construction of a tunnel for pressure reduction.
1959 construction of a filter system against atomic radiation and a special room for antennas.
1998 opened to the public.


The Festung Vitznau (Vitznau fortification) is an underground artillery fort which was built to protect the routes Luzern-Stans, Allwegübergang, Brünigpass, and Engelbergertal. It also protected the airport Buochs/Ennetbürgen. The fortress was equipped with two cannons Ordonanz 1939, a licenced copy of the Bofors-cannon from 1927. The 10.5 cm cannons were 1941 CHF 150,000, including hard facing. It also had various machine gun nests and places to throw grenades.

Although this fortress was constructed during and for World War II, it was also used during the cold war. While in 1943 443 soldiers were stationed in the fort, in 1975 there were 146 and in 1991 only 120 remained. The fort had a stock of 6,600 meals which would be sufficient for 120 soldiers for 54 days. The personnel of the fort was the Fest Art Kp 82 (Festungs Artillerie Kompanie 82, fortress artillery copmpany 82) which was founded for the fortress and abandoned with the closure of the fortress in 1995.

The commune Vitznau was once the owner of the ground, and after the fortress was abandoned, they decided to buy it back. But unlike other military installations it was not used as a military museum, but for touristic purposes. It was dubbed Erlebnisfestung (Adventure Fort) and is used various group events. There is the Swiss Army Night, a guided tour through the fort, one night in Swiss army beds and a breakfast. It may be extended with a tour up the Rigi on the outside of the fortress. There are guided tours with dinner in the soldiers cantine, and combination tours with fort and roud trip on the lake. The fort may also be booked for any kind of event. Obviously an ideal situation for secret meetings, as this fortress will be protected by two guards during the event and it will not be possible to eavesdrop. Even cell phones will not work in the fort. Infrastructure like beamer, flipchart and so forth is provided.