Bái Ma Jiàng Jun Dòng

白馬將軍洞 - White Horse General Cave

Useful Information

Location: Black Moon Hill, above the town of Shenkeng, Taipei area, north Taiwan. A few kilometers east of Taipei Zoo.
From Shenkeng route 106 east for 1 km, turn south to the tiny hamlet of Wuyue (black moon). Turn south, signposted (in Chinese only) White Horse Farm. After 700 m at a T-junction keep right, next junction keep left, steeply uphill on a narrow concrete track to a small car park.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: n/a
Guided tours:  
Address: Bai Ma Jiang Jun Dong
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The Bái Ma Jiàng Jun Dòng (White Horse General Cave) is named after Chen Chou Ju, who was nicknamed the White Horse General. Chen Chou Ju led a small army of guerillas fighting against the Japanese occupiers.

Not far from the town SenKeng, at a densely wooded and very steep hill exists a series of shelters along the cliff face. The caves are long abris along the foot of the cliff face, which were equipped with a front wall and doors. The overhanging cliff provided a dry place for living and the forest made it difficult to find the guerillas. They caves were a place of great strategic importance, a hideout and retreat.

Today there is trail in the wood from one cave to the next. The caves are seen as an important place of Taiwanese history. There are signs commemorating the history of this place.