Zámecké sklepení Litomyšl

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Location: Litomyšl city center.
(49.873502, 16.312940)
Open: APR Sat, Sun 10-16.
MAY Tue-Sun 10-16.
JUN Tue-Sun 10-17.
JUL to AUG Tue-Sun 10-18.
SEP Tue-Sun 10-17.
OCT Sat, Sun 10-16.
Fee: Adults CZK 60, Students CZK 40, Seniors CZK 40, Disabled CZK 40, Family (2+2) CZK 120.
Classification: SubterraneaKeller
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: A=349 m asl.
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Address: Ivana Baarová, Tel: +420-724-063-041. E-mail:
Smetanova Litomyšl, o.p.s., Jiráskova 133, 570 01 Litomyšl, +420-461-612-575. Jiráskova 93, Záhradí, 570 01 Litomyšl, Tschechien, +420461612575
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1568 begin of construction.
1580 castle completed.
1792-1796 alterations by Jan Kryštof Habich.
1970s reconstructed and fitted as a civil defence shelter for civilians.
1990s opened to the public.
1999 inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Zámecké sklepení Litomyšl (Castle Cellars of Litomyšl Castle) are a series of huge vaulted cellars. Their origin is from the construction of the castle in the Renaissance. The town Litomyšl was a trade hub in the Middle Ages, and the castle was the central fortification to protect the goods of the merchants. When the castle was built the cellars were intended as storage rooms for such trade goods, including vegetables and wine which needed cool temperatures. But during the centuries they were unused less and less and finally became a waste dump.

In the 1970s they were reconstructed and fitted as a civil defence shelter for civilians. Nevertheless, the bunker was top secret during the Cold War. After the end of the Cold War the cellars were opened to the public in the 1990s. But they were only a small part of the renovation work, the famous sgraffito façade decorations on the Litomyšl castle were also restored. The renovators were Czech artists like Olbram Zoubek, Stanislav Podhrázský, Václav Boštík and Zdeněk Palc. At this time all jobs were managed by the government and artists were not able to work freely. So many decided to work as renovator to make their living and do the art only at home in private. Czech renovators were world famous and were actually hired for renovation work all over Europe.

A huge part of the cellar is used for the exhibition of the sculptures of Olbram Zoubek. The sculptor was one of the renovators and he worked on the castle for 17 years, found his second wife in Litomyšl and feels at home here. When the cellars were opened in the 1990s he donated an extensive collection of sculptures from various periods which became a permanent exhibition. But while there are cellars which simply show the sculptures, there are also chambers which are used for a wine bank. Famous wines are collected and on display, there is an inventory of local wines, and it is possible to purchase storing space for your own wine collection. The sculptures and other art go quite well with the wines. And finally there is an exhibition space which is used seasonal exhibitions with a wide range of topics. There was a modern art exhibition as well as historic artifacts or even a christmas decoration exhibition.