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Location: Mühlbach, near Dietfurt, Naturpark Altmühltal.
Open: Cave: not accessible. Karst trail: no restriction, guided walks once per month Sun 10:00. [2006]
Fee: Karst trail: per person EUR 5. [2006]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave SpeleologyRiver cave KarstKarst Trail
Light: none
Dimension: L=6,850 m.
Guided tours: Karst trail: D=6 h.
Address: Karstgruppe Mühlbach e.V., Helmut Köhler, Bönerstr. 11, 90459 Nürnberg, Tel: +49-911-455958. E-mail: contact
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1990 first explorations.
20-JUN-1998 start of digging.
2001 cave discovered.
29-SEP-2005 inauguration of the karst trail Mühlbach.


The Mühlbachquellhöhle, although definitely not accessible to the public, is at the moment probably the most famous cave in Germany. It is a very recent discovery, which was made after consequent and intensive search and a several years long dig. And although there are other digs, which took even longer, this one was rewarded with one of the biggest cave in Germany, located in a karst area, which was formerly notorious for the lack of big caves.

Despite the inaccessibility of the cave, the small village Mühlbach is worth a visit. Located in the beautiful landscape of the Altmühltal (Valley of the river Altmühl) it has a nice karst spring, which is immediately used to power a mill, hence the name Mühlbach (mill brook). The Mühlbach is a tributary of the Altmühl.

An attraction like a show cave would increase the tourism income, and so the local officials tried to develop the cave as a show cave since it was discovered. Technical (or better monetary) difficulties prohibited this. In order to save the cave, the local caving club offered to advertise the village by publishing the cave and making multimedia shows. So there is still some publicity for the village, without the need to destroy the cave.