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Webergrotte, Sächsische Schweiz, Deutschland. Public Domain.
Location: Great Chand.
From Bad Schandau S165 up the Kirnitzschtal, 13 km to the Neumannmühle, turn right to the Altes Zeughaus inn, Zeughausstraße 5, 01855 Sebnitz. On foot 1.2 km south through the Großer Tschand, turn right through the Weberschlüchte 1.6 km. 45 min walk to the cave.
(50.88956429002956, 14.291539379280083)
Open: No restrictions.
Currently not accessible due to trail closures caused by bark beetle infestation.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologySandstone Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Touristinformation, Weifbergstraße 1, 01855 Sebnitz OT Hinterhermsdorf, Tel: +49-3597-45210. E-mail:
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The Webergrotte is a remote cave at the end of the Weberschlüchte in the Vordere Partschenhörner area. The quickest access is from the Altes Zeughaus inn, it is about a 3 km walk, walking time about 45 minutes. The cave lies in the core zone of the Saxon Switzerland National Park and is rarely visited. It is only 300 m to the Czech border, but since the founding of the National Park the stone steps to the Entenpfützenweg (Duck Puddle Path) have been closed. This means that the exit to the border path and the crossing to the Czech Republic is no longer possible. Therefore, this valley is effectively a dead end and is rarely visited by hikers any more.

The Webergrotte is a very typical fissure cave, with a triangular profile tapering upwards. A fissure running vertically through the rock was widened by erosion, but not evenly. The erosion was much stronger at the bottom than at the top, creating a kind of mixture between a gorge and a cave.