Besucherbergwerk Fell

Fell Show Mine

Useful Information

Location: In the Nossern valley between Fell and Thomm. A1/48 (E422) exit 130 AB-Dreieck Moseltal, towards Longuich, turn right to Fell. In Fell signposted.
Open: 15-MAR to 01-NOV daily 10-17 (last tour).
02-NOV to 30-NOV Wed, Sat, Sun 13:30, 15 [2004]
Fee: Adults EUR 5.95, Children (6-16) EUR 3.25, Children (0-5) free, Students EUR 4.50.
Groups (15+) Adults EUR 4.95.
Groups (20+) Adults EUR 4.50.
Classification: MineSlate Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=60 min., L=450 m, VR=25 m.
Address: Besucherbergwerk Fell, Burgstrasse 3, 54341 Fell, Tel: +49-6502/988588 (Apr-Okt) 06502/994019 (Nov-März) E-mail: contact
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20-SEP-1991 Förderverein Besucherbergwerk Fell e.V., a society for the development of a showmine, founded.
1994 start of development by the village Fell.
1997 inaugurated.
09-APR-2000 exhibition on historic lorries inaugurated.



The Besucherbergwerk Fell is a show mine that shows two different slate mines, the Barbara Pit and the Grube Hoffnung (Hope Pit), which is located 25 m higher at the same place. It is also called Besucherbergwerk Barbara-Hoffnung. Barbara Pit is named after Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners.

Those pits are typical for the turn of the 20th century. In those times miners, called Leyenbrecher, were mining slate for roofs.

The two pits are the most interesting ones of numerous pits in the area. There is for example the Dome, the highest chamber of the whole area. Full life figures show typical scenes of the dayly life of the Leyenbrecher. At last, there is an exhibition of historic mining lorries.

In addition, there is the Lehrpfad Schieferbergbau, also called Grubenwanderweg. That is an interresting walk to many mining related sights of the Nossern valley. A good starting point is the parking lot "Grubenwanderweg" in Fell in the Bachstraße.

Besucherbergwerk Fell Gallery