Historische Besucherbergwerke Neubulach


Useful Information

Location: Neubulach
Open: Hella-Glück-Stollen: APR to OCT Tue-Fri 11, 15, Sat, Sun, Hol 11-16.
School Holidays: Tue-Sun 11-16.
Erlebnis-Stollen: by appointment.
Fee: Erwachsene EUR 4,50, Kinder (4-6) 1, Schüler EUR 2,50, Studenten EUR 4, Behinderte EUR 4, Rentner EUR 4, Familie (2+*) EUR 11,50.
Gruppen (10+): Erwachsene EUR 4.
Classification: MineCopper Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Hella-Glück-Stollen: L=400 m, D=45 min.
Erlebnis-Stollen: D=3 h.
Address: Teinach-Touristik Neubulach, Marktplatz 3, 75387 Neubulach, Tel: +49-7053-9695-10 E-mail: contact
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13th century first mining activties.
14th century heyday of mining.
1969 start of development as a show mine.



The copper and silver mine in Neubulach had its heyday during the 14th century. The rich ores, especially malachite and azurite, were ideal for manual underground mining. But soon the deposits were exhausted and the mining faded away.

The show mine was started back in 1969 by an iniciative of locals. The almost forgotten tunnel Hella-Glück-Stollen was cleaned during 7,000 hours of work and equipped with electric light. The Stollenklause restaurant was created, which offers food and drink, and is also the ticket office. Visitors of the mine get a helmet and a trouser here.

A few years ago a second guided tour was opened, whiich shows a differnet part of the many kilometers long labyrinth of tunnels. The lower tunnels are guided for small groups under the name Erlebniswelt (adventure world). The visitors get rubber boots, helmets, miner headlamps and water resistant trousers. Then the narrow and low medieval parts of the mine are visited. The tour requires some stooping and to climb mine shafts on ladders, but the visitors are rewarded by impressive geologic and mineralogic sigths. There is copper ore in the rock in form of malachite and azurite, and the socaled Bergperlen (mine pearls).