Scholmzeche - Aufrichtigkeit

Useful Information

Location: Bad Liebenberg, Wilhelmibrücke in the Kurpark.
(51.629345321476240, 10.47097035142407)
Open: closed.
Fee: closed.
Classification: MineCopper Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: L=250 m.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Stadt Bad Lauterberg im Harz, Ritscherstraße 6-8, 37431 Bad Lauterberg im Harz, Tel: +49-5524-853-0. E-mail:
Historisches Besucherbergwerk Scholmzeche, Ritscherstraße 4, 37431 Bad Lauterberg im Harz, Tel: +49-5524-853-190.
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1710-1718 Aufrichtigkeit Tiefer Stollen built.
1837 Scholmzeche built.
1940s Scholmzeche used as air raid shelter.
1989 show mine opened to the public.


All three parts of this show mine are actually not used for mining at all. One was used to drain the mine, one was built in search of iron ore but was not successful, and the crossway was simply built to connect them. So actually this is not a mine, and we can not say which ore would have been mined. But the surrounding rocks are upper Devonian greywackes and shales, containing lentoid bodies of baryte and dykes with copper bearing sands. Actually this tunnel is the only copper dyke, accessible underground, in the whole region.


The Besucherbergwerk Scholmzeche - Aufrichtigkeit (show mine Scholmzeche - Aufrichtigkeit) are actually two different mines. The older part is the tunnel called Tiefer Stollen (deep tunnel) of the mine Aufrichtigkeit. This was an adit, an tunnel used to drain the mine with gravitation. At the floor of the adit a wooden canal allowed the water to flow out of the mine. The second mine is the Scholmzeche, an prospection tunnel dug in the search for iron ores. No iron ore was found and so the tunnel was closed. During World War II the tunnel was transformed into an air raid shelter for the town Bad Lauterberg. Those two tunnels are connected by the Ließmann-Stollen, a much younger crossway.

The show mine is located in the center of the spa town Bad Lauterberg, behind the Kurzentrum (health resort) on the other side of the Oder river. The easiest way to reach it, is to follow the signs for the Kurzentrum and park there. Then cross the Oder on a bridge built on top of a dam, which provided water for the Königshütte, the former royal iron furnce. On the other side turn left and follow the river, first there is the exit of the show mine, the Tiefer Stollen with a wooden headframe, relocated from the Luttertal (Lutter valley). Second there is the entrance to the show mine, the Scholmzeche, at the Wilhelmibrücke (Wilhelmi bridge). When the health resort is open, it is possible to visit a small exhibition in the ground floor. It shows some mining tools, primarly lamps and surveying gear. Then it is possible to leave through the rear door and cross the park to the Wilhelmibrücke. Beneath the show mine the historic buildings of the Königshütte are worth a visit.

The show mine has been closed for a few years, and there are no longer any guided tours. However, as there is no compelling reason for this, we suspect either the lack of visitors or the lack of guides. Covid-19 has certainly not improved the likelihood of a reopening either. On the official websites of the municipality, future guided tours are at least hinted at. We have therefore temporarily set the show mine to closed.