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    Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen

    Useful Information

    Location: Völklingen, Velsen. A620 Saarbrücken-Völklingen, exit Großrosseln, follow signs to Bergwerk Warndt.
    Open: All year Mon-Fri 6-14. Other times by appointment. [2004]
    Fee: Adults EUR 7. Special prices for groups on request. [2004]
    Classification: MineCoal Mine
    Light: miners lamps provided
    Dimension: L=800 m, VR=45 m, T=14-18 °C.
    Guided tours: L=700 m, VR=25 m, D=90-240 min.
    Accessibility: wheelchair accessible
    Address: Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen, Velsener Str. 1, 66333 Völklingen-Velsen, Tel: +49-681-405-1970, Fax: +49-681-405-1874. E-mail: contact
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    The Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen (experience mine Velsen) is a real coal mine, but the mining operations ended long ago. Neverthelesse the administration tries to show a modern working coal mining operation instead of just showing the remains of former days.

    The tour starts with a ride on the mine train. Then the visitors walk through the Streb (a miners term for the place were coel is mined). They see all necessary machines in action, like coal mining machines, shields, grinders, conveyors and the pumping station. All this machinery works and the visitor gets a good impression how work underground feels like.

    The whole mine is level, there are no steps, the mine is suitably for disabled visitors.