Höhlenburg Loch

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Location: Village Nittendorf, west of Regensburg.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Castle in conglomerate
Light: partly elektrisch
Guided tours:
Address: Gemeinde Nittendorf, Talstraße 9, 93152 Nittendorf, +49-9404-2024, Fax: +49-9404-2529
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Paleolithic used by man.
12th century castle built by Ritter Werner von Rammelstein zu Loch.
1555 owned by the family von Sauerzapf
1719 owned by the monastry Karthaus Prüll in Regensburg.


The cave castle Loch was buit inside two huge caverns in the cliff face above the river Black Laaber. The caverns were used for the living tracts of the castle, only the stronghold was visible and thus vulnerable. The castle was divided by an interior wall into living (internal) and defense (external) part.

Inside the cave walls were built and covered with wood. The rooms were lighted and ventilated by light shafts at the ceiling and natural cracks in the rock. The inner parts of the castle are ruined, only the remains of the walls can be visited. Only the stronghold still exists. It is entered through a door 8 m above the ground.