Los Callejones de Las Majadas

Useful Information

Location: 16142 Las Majadas, Cuenca.
(40.283814, -2.003362)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstLimestone Pavements KarstStone Forests KarstBare Karst
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=1 km, W=80m, A=1,450 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Los Callejones de Las Majadas, 16142 Las Majadas, Cuenca, Tel: +34-969-24-10-51.
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2007 Serrania de Cuenca Natural Park created.


Los Callejones de Las Majadas, Spain. Public Domain.
Los Callejones de Las Majadas, Spain. Public Domain.

Los Callejones de Las Majadas (Alleys of Las Majadas) is a rock formation in the Serrania de Cuenca Natural Park. The limestone was separated by the weathering into blocks and towers with caves and natural bridges, there are cracks widened to gorges, which are the alleys of the name. The village Las Majadas is nearby, there is a narrow road from the village to a parking lot which is the trailhead of numerous trails through the labyrinth. There is a short rout which is well signposted for the regular visitor. If you are interested to see more, there is also a long route, but as it is not signposted a map is recommended. The place is quite popular and visited by thousands of people every year. It was also the filming location for the James Bond movie The World Is Never Enough (1999), with Pierce Brosnan.

The limestone at Los Callejones is of Upper Cretaceous (Turonense) age. The limestone is dolomitic, which is partly responsible for the strange rock formations. This rock is abundant in the area and there are numerous strange rock formations, cliffs and natural bridges. But here the limestone layer forms a sort of escarpment which extends for about 1 km from north to south. From the various cliff faces the caves and gorges extend up to 80 m to the east. There are also gorges following another direction, running north to south, parallel to the escarpment. The site is a little smaller than nearby Ciudad Encantada (Enchanted City), on the other side there is no entrance fee.