Tunnel du Bassin Bleu

Useful Information

Location: 001 Parking, Rue Fond Generese, St Paul 97460, Réunion.
At L’Eperon. From the parking lot 5 minutes walk into Ravine Saint-Giles to the entrance.
(-21.047600, 55.257021)
Open: All year daily .
Fee: Adults EUR 50, Children (6-16) EUR 40.
Group (5+): Adults EUR 45, Children (6-16) EUR 40.
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: helmet and headlamp provided
Guided tours: D=3.5 h, Max=10.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Envergure Réunion, Rue Fond Generese, St Paul 97460, Réunion, Tel: +262-693-43-23-52. E-mail:
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The Tunnel du Bassin Bleu (Blue Basin Tunnel) or Tunnel de lave du Bassin Bleu is located on the western slopes of the Piton des Neiges in the town Éperon. Hence, it is sometimes also called Éperon Lava Tunnel. The special thing on this tour are magnesite concretions, white concretions, which are quite rare in lava tunnels. This tour is more sportive than most, as there is a 10-meter climb at the entrance, a crawl in the middle of the tour, and abseiling at the exit. The lava tube was formed more than 300,000 years ago by an eruption of the Piton des Neiges.

The Ravine Saint-Giles is about 20 m deep, the river running down the slope of the volcano cut deep into the basaltic rocks. It also cut through the lava tube and made it accessible. Unfortunately it cut deeper and so it is necessary to climb up to the cave entrance, and obstacle which keeps tourists out of the cave who are not fit enough. The entrance area is home to swiftlets who nest here, pleas be calm and do not disturb them.