Tunnel de lave Bleu

Useful Information

Location: Meeting point: Église de Pont d'Yves, Notre-Dame de la Salette, 260 D27, Le Tampon 97430, Réunion.
(-21.236738, 55.508498)
Open: 01-JAN to 18-DEC Tue, Thu, Sun 9, 13:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 50.
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: helmet and headlamp provided
Dimension: T=17-21 °C, H=95 %.
Guided tours: D=2.5 h, MinAge=10, Min=6.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Kokapat Rando Reunion, 109 Chem. Farjeau, Le Tampon 97430, Réunion, Tel: +262-692-699-414, Tel: +262-262-333-014. E-mail:
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The Tunnel de lave Bleu (Blue Lava Tunnel) is located on the Le Tampon. The 23,000 year old tunnel was closed to the surface most of the time and is thus well-preserved. It is located on private property, and the owner wishes to protect it, so the number of visits is limited and rules for its protection. This lava tube was formed during the 2004 eruption of

The visitors are equipped with helmet, headlamp, knee pads, and gloves. Wear good walking shoes and old clothes which may become dirty or tear, bring clothes to change afterwards. Also, you should bring at least 1.5 l water and some food, as the trips take 3 hours. Online booking on their website is required.