Musée de la Mine d'Aubin

Musée de la Mine Lucien Mazars

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Location: Place Jean Jaurès, 12110 Aubin.
(44.526700, 2.246392)
Open: APR to MAY Tue, Thu, Sat 14-17:30.
JUN Mon-Sat 14-18.
JUL to AUG Mon-Sat 10-12, 14-18.
SEP Mon-Sat 14-18.
Fee: free.
Groups: Adults EUR 2.
Classification: MineCoal Mine SubterraneaReplica Underground Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Musée de la Mine d'Aubin, 26 All. du Musée, 12110 Aubin, Tel: +33-565-43-58-00. E-mail:
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1979 museum created.
2000 museum completely refurbished.


The Decazeville coal basin is like all such basins in Europe a series of Mesozoic sedimentary rock, including sandstone, marls, and limestones. During the Carboniferous coal was deposited which now forms numerous seams in the rock. The biogene material was converted into coal by a process called coalification, which is based on high pressure and temperature for a long time


Musée de la Mine d'Aubin (Aubin Mine Museum) or Musée de la Mine Lucien Mazars (Lucien Mazars Mine Museum) has an exhibition with documents, photographs, and paraphernalia of the long mining history. There is an artificial mine which shows the workplace, lunch underground, and finally the disaster, an explosion in the mine. After leaving the mine passage, there is a theatre which shows six films on the mine and the miners. Each film takes 15 minutes, the titles are The Discovery of Decazeville, The Burning Mountain (Le "Puech que ard"), Charbonnages de France, The Night Sun, The Murmur of the Slag Heaps, and How Black Was My Valley.

The museum was created in 1979, one of the initiators was Lucien Mazars who was mayor of Aubin from 1971 to 1989. So the museum was named to his honor.