Grotte de Lacave

Useful Information

Location: Near Rocamadour.
Open: 15-MAR to 31-MAR daily 10-12, 14-17.
APR to JUN daily 9:30-12, 14-17:30.
JUL daily 9:30-12, 13:30-18.
01-AUG to 25-AUG daily 9:30-18.
26-AUG to SEP daily 9:30-12, 14-17:30.
OCT daily 10-12, 14-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 9, Children (5-14) EUR 5.50.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Guided tours: L=1,600m, D=90min.
Photography: Allowed.
Address: Grotte de Lacave, F-46200 Lacave, Tel: +33-565-378703, Fax: +33-565-378937. E-mail: contact
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09-APR-1902 discovered by Armand Viré and friends.
17-MAY-1905 cave opened to the public.
1947 cave sold to Jean Hélie.
1961 electric train installed.


The Grotte de Lacave is entered through an artificial tunnel, 400m long and 6m high, with an electric train. The cave is very well decorated but unfortunately many formations are fenced to prevent visitors touching them.

The cave was discovered by Armand Viré, a friend of E.A. Martell, on the 09-APR-1902. He discovered 500m of galleries and the huge chamber named Saint Sol. But to reach this cavern a descent and ascent of more than 60m was necessary. It was clear, this was not suitable for a show cave. So he decided to build a tunnel. With 12 men who worked in two shifts, a day shift and a night shift, he built the tunnel in 15 months. The show cave was inaugurated on 17-MAY-1905.

The electric train which is used today was installed in 1961. In earlier years the cave was entered by foot. The train brought not only more comfort for the visitors, it also allowed to transport much more visitors into the cave.