Goa Kalisuci

Kalisuci Cave Tubing

Useful Information

(-8.011145, 110.638642)
Open: JUL to SEP Mon-Fri 8-16.
Fee: Adults IDR 70,000.
Groups (1-4): Group 350,000.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave.
Light: helmet and headlamp provided
Guided tours: L=500 m, D=2 h, Min=2, Max=20.
Address: Kalisuci Cave Tubing, Jetis wetan, RT.001/RW.001, Jonge, Pacarejo, Kec. Semanu, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55893, Tel: +62-819-3179-7178.
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2014 beginning of cave tubing tours.


Goa Kalisuci is the ruin of a river cave, which forms a series of gorges and short through caves. Two sections of this cave ruin are used for cave tubing adventures called Kalisuci Cave Tubing. The whole thing is quite similar to the cave tubing in Gua Pindal, which is 9 km to the north. This seems to be newer, created as a result of the great success at Pindal, where the number of tour operator exploded during the last decade. It seems the inhabitants of Jetis Wetan also wanted a part of the profit. The cave is definitely the same category, but as Pindal is better known, they offer a free tea and chicken soup after the adventure to warm up.

The cave system is located 50m below the surface. Where the roof of the cave has collapsed, the river forms a steep gorge, where it has not collpsed, it is still a river cave. The participants are equipped with a tube to float down the cave river, then the group walks to one of the collapses, and down to river. After floating downstream through two rather short through caves the river is left by climbing back to the surface. Both the descent and the ascent are done on narrow footpaths, which might be a little slippery. The tour definitely requires physical fitness and the ability to swim.

All necessary gear is provided, which includes the tube, a life jacket and a headlamp, but participants must be able and willing to swim for some time. You should bring bathing clothes, water-resistant shoes, and clothes to change afterwards, and probably a towel. We recommend some kind of neoprene based shoes which are sold for water sports.