Goa Tanding

Tanding Cave

Useful Information

Location: Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. About 7 km from Wonosari.
(-7.932651888694575, 110.64914355500531)
Open: All year daily 7-17.
Fee: Adults IDR 150,000.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave SpeleologyRiver Cave
Light: handheld lamps
Guided tours: D=90 min, L=450 m.
Photography: allowed
Address: Goa Tanding, Gelaran II, RT4, Seropan, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55891, Tel: +62-878-3831-7775.
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Goa Tanding was named after Harto Tanding, who owned the property where the cave is located. He owned a well which actually entered the cave and the water he was lifting out of the well was water from the cave river. We could not find out if the cave was explored through the well or if the opening of the well was seen from inside while the cave was explored through the natural entrance. However, it seems the location of the well was a good place for the construction of the artificial entrance by digging a deep hole with a ramp.

After the success of the nearby CaveGua Pindul it seems the whole town is in a show cave fever. This cave was opened for tourism, because it offers a somewhat different cave experience. While Gua Pindul is visited swimming, only with tire tubes for floating, the trips to Tanding Cave use inflatable boats. Also the owner created an artificial entrance to the cave from the surface, which ends at the cave river and the jetty for the boats. The natural entrance is rather low and not suitable for boats.

Visitors of the cave are equipped with a life vest, a helmet, and a lamp. The inflatable boats can accommodate seven people, which means five visitors plus two guides. We guess two guides are necessary for the safe navigation of the boat. While Goa Pindul is more a fun adventure for the youth, this cave is intended for all ages. Still it is quite adventurous and the cave is not developed in any way except for the entrance. That's why we classified this as a cave trekking tour.