Goa Lawa Purbalingga

Useful Information

Location: Desa Siwarak, Kecamatan Karangreja, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Dusun II, Siwarak, Karangreja, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah.
(-7.231198, 109.318634)
Open: All year daily.
Fee: Weekdays: Adults IDR 20,000.
Weekends: Adults IDR 25,000.
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System LightColoured Light
Dimension: L=2,287 m, A=967 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Golaga, Goa Lawa Purbalingga, JL Raya, Siwarak Desa, Siwarak Kec, Karangreja Kab.Purbalingga, Tel: +62-811-2824-777, WhatsApp: +62-852-2725-2222. E-mail:
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2015 cave surveyed.
2018 show cave renovated and converted into Goalaga, coloured light installed.


The name of this cave is Goa Lawa and it is located at Siwarak village near the city Purbalingga. Unfortunately Lawa or Lawah means bat, and there are hundreds of Bat Caves, including the hideout of Batman. To make sure which is meant they just concatenated the name of the nearby city.

The cave is a lava tube, obviously created by a lava stream from nearby Mount Slamet, with bats and colored light. As a lava tube it is mostly horizontal. It is entered through a spectacular sinkhole, which opens in the middle of manicured lawn. A long stone staircase leads down into the cave. But the main sight of the cave is definitely the underground café, which is almost an underground restaurant. According to legend the cave was a hideout of early Muslims on the island, Wali Songo, who spread the Islam on the island stayed here often.

The cave has different sections or chambers, but the used term is not chamber but Goa (cave). Goa Ratu Ayu, Goa Cepet, Goa Naga (Dragon Cave), Goa Langgar and Batu Keris (Keris Stone), Goa Rahayu, Goa Panembahan, Goa Agung (Assembly Hall), Goa Dada Lawa (Bat Cave), Goa Semar and Goa Lorong Angin.

The whole town orbits around the cave, which is the main tourist draw. There are cafés, restaurants, accommodation, but also spas, tourist trains, pineapple agro tourism, reptile and insect park, puppet museum, and much more. The town dubbed itself Desa Wisata Siwarak (Tourism Village Siwarak). Beneath the show cave tours there are also cave trekking tours offered into nearby Gua Lorong Kereta (Lorong Kereta Cave). However, as far as we understand all cave tours were cancelled due to Covid-19, while several of the surface attractions remain open.