The turlough in Glenamaddy

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Location: At Glenamaddy.
Open: n/a
Fee: n/a
Classification: Karstkarst lake. Turlough.
Light: n/a
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Turlough is an Irish term for lakes that dry up in the summer. We also call them karst lakes. But the Irish term is also used by scientific speleology.

The turlough in Glenamaddy is possibly the explanation for the name Glenamaddy. Gleann means valley and Madagh means either dog or black in Gaelic, so Glenamaddy would translate as The Valley of the Dogs or Valley of the Black Plain. The second versions seems logical, as the lake dries up in summer, and the floor of the lake is covered by black sediments, consisting of clay and peat.

The lake has no subaerial drainage, but it is connected by an underground cave system with Lough Lurgeen and Leitra.