Parco Minerario della Valle Trompia

La Via del Ferro e delle miniere in Valtrompia

Useful Information

Location: Valle Trompia.
(45.682427, 10.184102)
Open: Via del Ferro:
no restrictions.
Museo I Magli di Sarezzo:
after appointment.
Museo il Forno di Tavernole:
JUL to SEP Sat, Sun 15-19.
OCT to JUN Sun 15-18.
Torre romana:
All year Sun 14:30-17:30.
Borgo del Maglio:
Miniera Stese di Pezzaze:
JUL to SEP Sun 14-17:30.
Fee: Via del Ferro:
Museo I Magli di Sarezzo:
Museo il Forno di Tavernole:
Adults EUR 3, Children (7-18) EUR 2, Children (0-6) free, Seniors (60+) EUR 2, Disabled free.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 2.
Borgo del Maglio:
Adults EUR 3, Children (7-18) EUR 2, Children (0-6) free, Seniors (60+) EUR 2, Disabled free.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 2.
Classification: MineIron Mine SubterraneaMining Museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Parco Minerario della Valle Trompia, Valle Trompia Information Center, Tel: +39-360-1030495. E-mail:
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The Parco Minerario della Valle Trompia (mining park of Trompia valley) is actually a collection of several iron mining related sights. There are show mines, mining museums, and furnaces. The sites are connected by a route called Via del Ferro. This is actually not a location, it's more like a marketing association of several sites. The last iron mine in the valley was the La Torgola mine, which was closed in 1999. Also, some mines were reopened in the 1980 for fluorspar, but it seems that was not profitable in the end.

Beneath the show mines there is the Museo I Magli di Sarezzo, a museum locate inside a renovated forge anmed Ludoteca del Ferro. Billets, semi-finished pieces of iron, were forged and transformed into work tools. The museum has numerous interactive displays which are intended for children, so this is an ideal place which offers education and entertainment for the whole family.

The Museo il Forno di Tavernole is a restored furnace with an exhibition inside. It is located at the village Tavernole sul Mella. It was first mentioned in the years 1426 and 1454 concerning expenses and rents relating to the new furnace. It was very productive smelting the ores from the mines of Collio, Bovegno and Pezzaze. The resulting iron bars were sold to companies in the middle valley, which where producing harquebuses and sidearms. The furnace was in operation until the early 1900s.

The weapons made in the Gardonese forges, are documented since the 15th century. The Republic of Venice granted a privilege to the Trompia Valley, because they were essential for their economy. Following the visit of the viceroy of Italy Eugenio di Beauharnais, the Royal Military Arsenal in Brescia was opened. The production of weapons is an important part of the economy until today, the company Beretta is located here. You kow, the favourite gun of James Bond.

The southernmost stop is Borgo del Maglio in the locality "La Grotta". The Molinara canal turned the wheels of a grain mill and an iron mallet. The mill is gone and replaced by a private house but the mallet is a museum. The water wheel of the firge has ben restaurated and turns again.

Another site is the Torre romana (Roman Tower) in Bovegno, Castello, which contains an exhibiton about mining. There is a collection of local minerals, old documents and surveys of the mines, working tools of the miners, and much more. A highlight of the exhibition is a 16th-century armor of the Brescia school.

There is the Miniera Stese di Pezzaze, which is located only 100 m from the Miniera Marzoli. This mine tunnel was opened as a show mine in 1999, and contained a temporary exhibition. It is guided only during Summer on Sunday afternoon.