Hotel Sassi

Useful Information

Location: Via San Giovanni Vecchio, 89, 75100 Matera MT.
(40.66727, 16.609675)
Open: All year daily.
Fee: Single Room EUR 74, Double Standard EUR 98, Junior Suite EUR 126, Suite EUR 144.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: n/a
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Hotel Sassi, Via San Giovanni Vecchio 89, 75100 Matera, Tel: +39-0835-331009, Fax: +39-0835-333733. E-mail: contact
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1986 inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
1996 opened as the first hotel in the Sassi.


The 18th century complex of caves between Via San Giovanni Vecchio and Via Fiorentini in the Sasso Barisano has been carefully renovated and transformed into a charming hotel. The hotel rooms are very individual, with terraces and balconies, and equipped with air-conditioning. The hotel is the first hotel which was created by renovating the abandoned caves in the Sassi. At first, the locals smiled at the makers, no one could imagine that tourists would pay a lot of money to sleep in the former poor quarters. The unexpected success of the hotel was the reason for further similar projects. Today there are half a dozen such hotels in Matera.

Beneath the cave rooms, the hotel has a breathtaking panoramic view. It is located in a pedestrian area, which guarantees peaceful quiet atmosphere. It's just a bit tricky to get there. We recommend to call the hotel before you arrive, they will explain how you get there and how to handle the luggage. From April to September guests can admire the flight of the lesser kestrel. The rare birds nest on the rooftops of the hotel.

The hotel has 35 rooms and each is unique. The underground rooms are former homes, each room was once inhabited by a whole family and theri animals. But only a part of the rooms are underground. Other rooms are in the buildings above. Obviously the rooms with the view are the ones above ground. This type of hotel is called albergo diffuso, which means that the hotel is not in a single huge building. To reach the room it is necessary to walk on the public footpaths, each room has its own entrance door. The terraces become somewhat a part of the hotel.

The rooms are categorized into three classes. The smallest are the Standard Rooms with 14 to 20 m², small and cozy they are an excellent choice for a short stay of up to two persons. The Junior Suites are very spacious with 22 to 40 m². They are preserving the authentic atmosphere of a dwelling where peasants or middle-class families used to live. The suites are equipped with a double bed and a sofa-bed for two. The Suites are above ground houses with extraordinary view and up to 50 m². They have a bedroom, a spacious living room with a sofabed for two, a bathroom and a private terrace. The suites are popular with couples in search of a romantic holiday or families. All the rooms are equipped with heating, air conditioning, free wi-fi, telephone, minibar, hair-dryer, and flat screen TV.