Narusawa Fuketsu

Narusawa Wind Cave - Narusawa Ice Cave

Useful Information

Location: Narusawa. On the slopes of Mt. Fuji.
Open: All year daily 8:30-17:30.
Classification: Speleologylava tube SpeleologyIce cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=153m, T=0-3°C.
Guided tours:
Address: Narusawa Fuketsu, 8533 Narusawa, Narusawa-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0320, Tel: +81-555-85-2301.
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鳴沢氷穴 (Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave) is an ice cave, with temperatures around 2°C it contains ice the whole year. There are 90cm long ice stalactites hanging from the ceiling. A mighty layer of ice is up to six meters thick, at places the ice was used to create sculptures. The cave is especially popular in hot summers, when up to 4,300 people visit the cave daily.

The low temperature and the formation of ice is a result of the form of the entrance. The lava tube is entered through the collapsed part of the ceiling. So there is a depression, where the cold air from Mt. Fuji flows in during winter and in cold nights. Then it gets trapped in the cave, as cold air is heavier than warm air.

The cave is easy to visit, but it has some narrow and some rather low spots.