Oloolua Cave

Useful Information

Location: Oloolau Forest, Karen Rd, Nairobi.
(-1.359760769484824, 36.71240621903533)
Open: All year daily 9-18.
Fee: Foreigners: Adults KSH 600, Children KSH 300.
Residents: Adults KSH 400, Children KSH 200.
Citizens: Adults KSH 200, Children KSH 100.
Classification: SpeleologyErosional Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=37 m.
Guided tours: self guided, L=5 km.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Oloolua Cave, Oloolau Forest, Karen Rd, Nairobi, Tel: +254-716-256771.
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Oloolua Cave is located in a small park at the southern outskirts of the Kenian capital Nairobi. The site is quite popular for its trail called Oloolua Nature Trail. The cave is one stop on the trail. The Oloolua Forest is also home to the Institute of Primate Research (IPR).

The cave is a single passage with a flat clay and bat guano floor. It is home to a bat colony. It is believed the cave was a hideout of the Mau Mau warriors.

The site is a popular weekend destination of the locals, and as a result very crowded. If possible visit during the week.