Les casemates de la Pétrusse

Casemates of the Pétrusse - Petrusskasematten

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Address: Les casemates de la Pétrusse, Place de la Constitution/Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt, Luxembourg, Tel: +352-222809, Fax: +352-461046.
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1644 the Spanish modernised the Medieval fortifications and built large bastions, including the casemates de la Pétrusse.
1684-1697 walls raised by Vauban.
1860 further strenghtened.
1867 partly dismantled.
1933 opened to the public.


The casemates de la Pétrusse (Casemates of the Pétrusse) were first created by the Spanish who modernised the Medieval fortifications in 1644. They built several bastions, including the Beck bastion, whose platform is today called Place de la Constitution. The architect was Isaac von Traybach.

The casemates got their final form by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban during the French rule. In the years between 1684 and 1697 he raised the walls of the Beck Bastion to their present level. In 1860 it was strengthened further, just to be partly dismantled seven years later, when most of the fortifications were destroyed because of the First Treaty of London.