Grutas de Juxtlahuaca

Useful Information

Location: 52 km from Chilpancingo. From Chilpancingo 11 km south towards Acapulco. At Petaquillas turn east thruogh Tepechicotlán, Mochitlán, Quechultenango and finally Colotlipa. At Colotlipa pick up the guide and then turn north. Very few signposts.
Fee: Adults USD 1.50. Groups USD 25.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: Petromax provided.
Dimension: L=5,000m?.
Guided tours: Short tour: D=1.5 h. Long tour: D=3 h.
Address: Andrés Ortega Casarrubias, Colotlipa.
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1958 first exploration a team led by Andrés Ortega Casarrubias.


The entrance to the Grutas de Juxtlahuaca is surrounded by two huge cocoxochitl trees. The cave has several huge chambers with speleothems.

Some of them contain cave paintings showing - among others - a jaguar, a serpent, and a human figure. This paintings were made by the Olmecs. Most of the paintings show the daily life of the Olmecs. This nomadic tribe lived here during the early Pre-classic period about 400 to 800 B.C., and the remains are among the first testimonies of Olmecs, and the cave paintings are probably the oldest artistic remains of man in America.

The last chamber of the tourist route lies behind the Olmec cemetery and contains a crystal garden of aragonite minerals, which cover the walls at this place. The chamber lies behind a cave lake and the visitor has to wade through the water to get there. Shorts and appropriate shoes are recommended for this part. Take a torch, food and drink, and a sweater if going a long way in.

The cave is administered by Andrés Ortega Casarrubias. It seems, he is able to make up a special route for any visitor, adapted to the desired duration or interests. This cave is little known and the amount of visitors very low. It seems, the visitor should pick up the guide at Colotlipa and tell him his interests. The cave is dedicated to environment friendly cave visits and so no activities are undertaken to increase the number of visits.