Gua Batu Maloi

Batu Maloi Cave

Useful Information

Location: Mount Tampin Forest Reserve, near Kampung Tanggai
Open: Only after appointment.
Fee: Depends on package.
Classification: SpeleologyTectonic cave SpeleologyTalus cave SpeleologyRiver cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=1,000 m.
Guided tours: Short tours: D=2 h.
Long tours: D=4 h.
Photography: Allowed, but water proof camera required
Accessibility: Definitely not
Address: Gua Batu Maloi, Kampung Tanggai village committee, Johari Abu, Tel: +60-17-6902-764., No 40. Jalan 8/20, Section 8, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Tel: +6-3-55123012 Fax: +6-3-55123012, Mobile : +6-016-383-2222. E-mail: contact
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Gua Batu Maloi (Batu Maloi Cave) is a wild cave, which is visited on regular cave trekking trips.

The specialty of this cave is its unique geology: it is a tectonic cave, formed by a landslide in granite. The boulders were relocated and have now numerous gaps between them. As a river is flowing through this pile of boulders, it had to find its bed, and the result is a river cave. While the water is not the origin of the cave, the energy rich whitewater transports debris out of the cave and keeps it open. It also works on the rock surfaces and so there are now some erosional signs. Nevertheless this is a true tectonic cave.

The cave tours follow the river uphill, so they are actually a very wet experience. As sweet water in the troipcs may cuase a great variety of diseases we are not really sure if we should recommend the trip to foreign tourists. However, the locals have little problems and a lot of fun. Be carefull with the fauna in and around the cave. There are poisonous millipedes, scorpions and much more.

The gaps beween the granite boulders are sometimes narrow, and there are chimneys which must be climbed in a waterfall of warm water. Other parts require to swim under a low ceiling, which is pretty claustrophobic. There are various drops and ascents, some with wood poles, others with a simple rope.

The cave is rather narrow and so heavy rain will cause it to flood. As a result a visit requires care and an eye on the weather forecast. This danger is the reason why the can can only be visited accompanied by a guide. Every group is accompanied by a guide and three helpers, one leading the group, one at the end taking care that no-one is left, and one in a lookout always having an eye on the weather.

According to the guide the cave is occasionally the home of orang bunians or orang halus (jungle spirits). Once a member of the group got lost and 70 policemen were searching for her for days. Finally she was found inside the cave, which had been searched many times before, and claimed she had tea with some short people.

The cave tours are organized by the Kampung Tanggai village committee. They also offer basic facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, hall and dining area at Gua Batu Maloi base camp. There are also eco tourism organizations like who offer tours. The cave tour has still the status of a

We recommend light cothes and water proof shoes with a good grip, modern neoprene based canyoning shoes are a good idea, rubber boots might work too. Lamps should be waterproof. Gloves and knee protectors are a very good idea, if they are waterproof. You may bring a camera, but the wild water requires an underwater camera.