Caverne Patate

Useful Information

Location: Rodrigues, Mauritius. In the south west of the island, Plaine Corail. Take the road to Petite Butte. The cave warden's hut is down a small track, close to the Centre Communal Mlost Hotels.
Open: All year daily at 9, 10:30, 13, 14:30.
Fee: Adults Rs 50.
Groups (10+) reductions.
Tickets at the Administration Office or from several tour operators.
Classification: Speleologykarst cave Speleologyreef cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=1,150m
Guided tours: 4 departures daily.
Bibliography: J. Riviere, P. Brial, M. Duquenois (1997): Mission spéléologique à l'ille Rodrigues, Annales de Vulcano-Spéléologie de la Réunion Bulletin, 2, 23p.
Address: Administration Office, Rue Jenner, Port Mathurin, Tel: 8311504..
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1789 first mentioned.
1831-1875 excavated by palaeontologists.
1996 explored by french speleologists.


Rodrigues Island is a volcanic island 18km long and 8km wide. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, which form a "limestone" belt around the island. The coral rock is used for several purposes like building houses. It is soft enough, that men can cut big pillars using saws.

Caverne Patate is partly a real karst cave, partly a reef cave. The reef grows irregular and leaves several voids. Later this holes are connected by groundwater, dissolving the limestone like it does in other karst areas.

There are 25 coral rock caves on the island.