Gruta de Huagapo

Grutas de Guagapo - La gruta que Llora - Sima de Racas Marca
Sima de Milpo - Milpo (or millpu) de Kaukirian

Useful Information

Location: In Dept. Junin, at Palcamayo 31 km north of Tarma. The nearest village is San Pedro de Cajas.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: none
Dimension: A=3,992 m asl., L=2,141 m, VR=-407 m.
Guided tours: L=30 m.
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The cave is situated in the Palcamayo Karst region. It is approximately 5 hours drive from Lima, on the eastern slopes of the Andes. From the main square in the town of Palcamayo, you can walk for 4 km up the road to the caves.

Grutas de Guagapo, La Gruta que Llora, Sima de Racas Marca, Sima de Milpo, Milpo (or millpu) de Kaukirian, this is the longest cave in Peru with a surveyed length of 2,141 m. It was the deepest at -407 m until, this year [2002], when an international team pushed Sima Pumacocha to -638 m.

The 20 m high entrance is clearly visible from the road and is clearly marked with a large white sign. About 40 m below the entrance is the resurgence with water flowing out of it. Its swallet entrance is another 1000 m up the mountain. The top cave is regarded as very difficult due to the flooded sections. At one place the water goes out into a hole in the bottom of a room, creating a dangerous vortex and making it almost impenetrable. The visitors are taken 30 m into the cave without the need for equipment, although rubber boots would be useful.

The cave guide, Señor Modesto Castro, lives opposite the cave entrance and has explored both caves extensively. He has a fine display of photos showing the beautiful formations and the unusual pictographs showing llamas, turuka, guanoco, snakes, worms and all sorts of game, together with a collection of pictures from different expeditions into the cave.

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.