Francisco Dagohoy Cave

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Location: Near Danao. 92 km from Tagbilaran City. 5 km walk from Barangay Magtanghoy. (10.0666667 124.1833333)
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Address: Francisco Dagohoy Cave.
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1744 Francisco Dagohoystarted a rebellion against Spain.
1829 rebellion ended.


Francisco Dagohoy Cave is named after the Boholano patriot Francisco Dagohoy, who led a rebellion against Spain in the first half of the 18th century. The cave was his headquarters and hideout. Local lore has it, that every time Spaniards entered the cave to find him, he dived through an underwater passage to dry land.

Another sight is nearby Dagohoy Marker in Magtangtang, a small barangay (village), which belongs the town Danao. It has been installed by the Philippine Historical Commission to commemorate the victims of the longest rebellion in the history of the Philippines. Hundreds of Dagohoy's followers preferred death inside the cave than surrender. Their skeletons still remain.

This is not the biggest cave of the area, but noted for its beauty and many crystal-studded passages. However, the entrance seems to be a 17 meter drop, so we are not sure if a visit is advisable for non cavers.