Holy Crystal Cave

Useful Information

Location: Nonoc, Union, San Francisco, Camotes Island, 6050 Cebu
(10.671256, 124.320855)
Open: All year daily 8-17.
Fee: free, donations welcome.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: yes
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Holy Crystal Cave, Formentera Park, Nonoc, Union, San Francisco, 6050 Cebu, Tel: +63-999-450-9502.
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18-SEP-1996 cave discovered by Avito.
03-JUN-2012 archeologist from England visits the cave and discovers 5,000 years old bone.


Holy Crystal Cave is located at a resort named Formentera Park. The cave has several chambers which are connected by passages, which sometimes require stooping. There are also some spots which require a little climbing. Quite exceptional: this seems to be the only cave on the island which is not a bathing spot and the only one with a guided tour. Avito knows his cave in and out and helps with climbing. He calls himself "discoverer" and he does not ask for a fee, but a tip is accepted. As far as we know he actually discovered the cave when gathering firewood.

This cave is quite funny. It starts with a gate constructed from styrofoam balls on which "Welcome Visitors" is written. The guide tells that the glittering speleothems are diamonds and comments "I could be a billionaire if I sold the diamonds, but God told me to keep them here for you to see!" He is very religious and sees a Saint in every stalagmite. The best is probably to cite his discovery story:

The cave was discovered on September 18, 1996 when I was gathering firewood in the area where the cave is situated. When I had gathered enough amount of firewood I felt tired so decided to relax near the bamboo tree. I saw a group of stones I removed the big stones and the small stones remain and touched I dig the soil and was shocked when I saw a big crab facing me which come from the hole I continue digging until the bigger and wider hole was made. I threw stones inside and I hear the sound that bounce back. I prepared flashlights and candle and decided to go inside. The first thing I saw was like a living room for the visitor and I found out that it was a looks like an enchanted cave. I'm in the state of shocked and cried saying "why me discovering this cave?" and sat down at the center uttered words and said "Please help me Lord". Then again I saw a big crab beside me and roamed around the different parts of the cave I saw stalagmites, stalactites, and crystals in the cave.

We recommend good shoes and if you have a helmet, bring it.