Jaskinia Wierzchowska Górna

Upper Wierzchowska Cave

Useful Information

Jaskinia Wierzchowska Górna plan. Public Domain.
Location: In the village of Wierzchowice, in the Kluzowody Valley in the municipality of Wielka Wies, Cracow. B 94 Kraków-Ojcow-Nationalpark, turn left at the park entrance.
(50.174772103071575, 19.806734839691263)
Open: 09-APR to MAY daily 10-16.
JUN to AUG daily 10-17.
SEP to OCT daily 10-16.
NOV daily 10-15.
Tours on the full hour.
Fee: Adults PLN 20, Children (4-16) PLN 16, Children (0-3) free, Students (-26) PLN 16, Seniors PLN 16, Disabled PLN 16, Family (2+2) PLN 65.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: elektric
Dimension: L=975 m, VR=25 m, A=390 m asl, T=8 °C, H=90-98%.
Guided tours: D=50 min, L=700 m, Min=3, Max=50.
Photography: allowed
Bibliography: Marek P Krzemien, Jozef Partyka (1987): Jaskinia Wierzchowska Gorna, 60 pp 40 colour plates, map, survey. Wydawnictwo PTTK ”Kraj„, Warszawa - Krakow.
A. Górny, M. Szelerewicz (1984): Jaskinia Wierzchowska Górna – Przewodnik Turystyczny, Warszawa Kraków: Kraj, 1984, ISBN 83-7005-060-3.
W. Kołodziej (1997): Jaskinia Wierzchowska Kraków: Karpaty, 1997, ISBN 83-85204-45-8.
Address: Jaskinia Wierzchowska Górna, MTR Marta and Tomasz Roszkiewicz sc, ul. Rusałek 10/3, 31-521 Kraków, Tel: +48-504-298-438, Tel: +48-12-411-07-21. E-mail:
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around 1850s permanent gas light installed in the cave.
1853 cave first mentioned, Neolithic remains discovered.
1983 cave surveyed.


Jaskinia Wierzchowska Górna (Upper Wierzchowska Cave) is the largest cave in the Cracow Upland. Unique and attractive, it is easily accessible and a perfect example of underground karst. Almost one kilometre in length, it is a famous archaeological and palaeontological site. Finds include cave man, lion, hyena, reindeer, and cave bear. The cave is located in the Jurassic Landscape Park Dolinki Podkrakowskie and is a National Monument. The cave has a small exhibition of speleothems, archaeological and paleontological finds. The cave is inhabited by lesser horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus hipposideros).

The cave has a natural entrance which was known for a long time. It was visited by naturalists since the 19th century. Early explorers were Jan Zawisza and Gotfryd Ossowski who excavated first Neolithic remains (7,000 BP). During archaeological excavations, fragments of vessels, tools, and traces of fires were found.

The cave offers various additional events and tours for individuals and groups. Ots possible to have birthday parties, romantic dinners, or the Jurassic Cave Feats inside the cave and picnics at the cave. They also offer cave trekking tours for small groups.