Podziemia Jarosławskie

Underground Tourist Route of Jaroslaw

Useful Information

Location: Rynek 5, 37-500 Jarosław.
(50.018267, 22.683881)
Open: Underground Tourist Route:
APR to SEP Tue-Fri 9-16, Sat, Sun 10-17.
OCT to MAR Tue-Fri 9-15, Sat, Sun 10-16.
Underground Tourist Passage:
MAY to SEP Tue-Fri 9-16, Sat, Sun 11-16.
OCT to APR Tue-Fri 9-15, Sat 10-15, Sun 11-15.
Fee: Underground Tourist Route:
Adults PLN 20, Children PLN 15, Family (2+3) PLN 65.
Underground Tourist Passage:
Adults PLN 20, Children PLN 15, Family (2+3) PLN 65.
Residents: Adults PLN 15, Children PLN 10, Family (2+3) PLN 45.
Audioguide PLN 5.
Adults PLN 30, Children PLN 25, Family (2+3) PLN 100.
Classification: SubterraneaCellars
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Underground Tourist Route: D=30 min, L=150 m, VR=8.5 m, Min=3.
Underground Tourist Passage: L=186, Min=5.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Centrum Informacji Turystyczno-Kulturalnej, Rynek 5, 37-500 Jarosław, Tel: +48-16-624-89-89. E-mail:
Centrum Kultury i Promocji w Jarosławiu, Rynek 5, 37-500 Jarosław, Tel: +48-16-624-87-96. E-mail:
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1984 opened to the public on the initiative of a scientific team from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.
2015 Podziemne Przejście Turystyczne (Underground Tourist Passage) opened to the public.


The Podziemia Jarosławskie (Jarosław Underground) is a series of cellars located at the marketplace (Rynek). These tunnels were originally merchants' cellars which date from the 16th and 17th centuries. There were numerous cellars, which were used to store good, especially vegetables, wine and others which required cool storage. Due to the trade route through Jarosław there were numerous merchants.

The site was originally known as Podziemna Trasa Turystyczna (Underground Tourist Route), which is one of the oldest underground tourist routes in Poland. A series of 150 m of chambers and corridors walled with bricks, with different levels, was opened in 1984 on the initiative of a scientific team from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The city was in danger at that time, the cellars were forgotten and started to collapse. This caused damages to the houses above, and so a research project was started, to find, survey and finally stabilize the cellars. The cellars were so interesting that the scientists suggested to open them to the public, after the necessary safety measurements. It was also known as Podziemnej Trasy Turystycznej im. prof. Feliksa Zalewskiego (Underground Tourist Route. prof. Feliks Zalewski) after Feliks Zalewski, who suggested the museum. The cellars are located below the house Rynek 14 on the northeastern side of the marketplace.

In 2015 another part of the cellars was opened to the public named Podziemne Przejście Turystyczne (Underground Tourist Passage). These are the cellars of three former merchant tenement houses: Orsetti, Attavanti and Gruszewicz. These cellars were used to install a local history museum, on 186 m 11 uniquely arranged rooms show exposition on various historic topics. Multimedia devices and suggestive stage designs were designe to make the visit noz only educational but also entertaining.