Ekspozycja Przyrodnicza Ojców

Muzeum Ojcowskiego Parku Narodowego

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Location: Hotel Pod Łokietkiem, Ojców.
(50.20993441324084, 19.82924459856057)
Open: NOV to mid-APR Tue-Sun 9-15.
Mid-APR to 20-JUH Mon-Sat 9-16.
21-JUN to AUG Tue-Sun 9-17.
SEP to OCT Mon-Sat 9-16.
Fee: Adults PLN 10, Children (3-16) PLN 5, Children (0-2) free, Students PLN 5, Seniors PLN 5, Disabled PLN 5.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Replica
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Bibliography: Anna Sołtys-Lelek, Beata Barabasz-Krasny, Jacek Różkowski (2014): Participation of various habitat groups in the flora of spring niches in the Ojców National Park (Southern Poland) Biodiv. Res. Conserv.. 36. 37-51. 10.2478/biorc-2014-0012. researchgate
Address: Ekspozycja Przyrodnicza Ojców, 32-047 Ojców, Tel: +48-12-389-2005. E-mail:
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1860 Hotel Pod Łokietkiem built.
1965 museum created in the villa "Jadwiga", which today houses the offices of the Park management.
1972 museum moved to the former post-spa building "Hotel Pod Łokietkiem" from 1860.
2001 plans for a new exhibition.


The Ekspozycja Przyrodnicza (Nature Exposition), also called Muzeum Ojcowskiego Parku Narodowego (Ojców National Park Museum), is a rather new exhibition located in a completely renovated building. It is listed here, because it has also a quite detailed and realistic cave replica. Its upstairs, in the first floor, where the sounds of water dripping from the ceiling and the sounds made by bats give the right background for the cave. The room is dedicated to the formation of caves and their dripstones, but also the history of the settlement of prehistoric people in the area of the park. A part of the cave replica is the replica of an archaeological excavation inside a cave. They were quite serious with the realism of the replica, the temperature in this room is much cooler and there drops of water falling from the ceiling.

The cave replica is the largest of those reproductions, but actually the whole museum is full of them. On the surface, showing animals in their natural habitat, they are actually called diorama. There is also a model of the Ojców National Park on a scale of 1:2000 which was developed on the basis of satellite images and a digital terrain model. It is surrounded by an exhibition of the remains of a mammoth and a cave bear, as well as archaeological monuments related to the over 120,000-year-old human presence in this area. The Ojców National Park was created on the initiative of Professor Władysław Szafar, who donated personal items to the Park's collection. You can see things like his microscope and diplomas.

The museum is also bit in 3D imagery. There is a 3D movie you can see and 400 stereoscopic photographs of mushrooms, vascular plants, trees and shrubs, as well as insects and other invertebrates found in the Park.