Muzeul Petrolului

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Location: Strada Doctor Dumitru Bagdazar 8, Ploiești 100575.
(44.939172, 26.029166)
Open: All year Tue-Sun 9-17, last entry 16:30.
Fee: Adults RON 8, Children (0-3) free, Disabled free.
Groups (10+): Adults RON 6.
Classification: MineOil Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Strada Doctor Dumitru Bagdazar 8, Ploiești 100575, Tel: +40-244-597-896, Fax: +40-244-511-970.
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OCT-1961 museum inaugurated.
2017 under the administration of the Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences.
FEB-2018 reopened to the public.



The Muzeul Petrolului (Oil Museum) is the only museum about oil mining in Romania and thus sometimes called Muzeul National al Petrolului (National Oil Museum). It has a collection of over 8000 objects, many of them are on display in the museum in Ploiești at the foot of the Carpaṭii Meridionali. This includes wooden or metal drilling machines from the 19th century, geological maps, mineral, oil lanterns, and a model of the first mechanical drilling rig used in Romania. Quite special is the exhibition on the selective sulfur dioxide solvent solution system invented by Lazăr Edeleanu. The archive contains patents and scientific works that describe the history of the manufacture of paraffin, oil, and gasoline. The collection of documents is available for researchers. The museum has a collection with archaeological and fine arts objects which is presented on temporary exhibitions. A 30-person conference room, equipped with audio-video equipment, which is available for lessons, pedagogical circles, and symposia.

The city Ploiești is the center of the crude oil industry and developed with the wealth produced by the oil industry.