Peştera Vintului

Cave of the Wind

Useful Information

Location: East of Suncuius, 23km west of Ciucea and 10km south of the DN1, near Oradea, Bihor.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Dimension: L=42,165m, VR=170m.
Guided tours:  
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This huge cave system extends over 42km of passages in three levels, and is the longest cave of Romania. This cave is closed and only accessible to cavers at the moment, but there are works going on to develop it as a show cave. This is of special interest, as the area is at the entrance to Romainia from Hungary, and thus a main route for tourists. At the moment there are spelunking tours run by local cavers.

The cave is called Peştera Vintului (Cave of the Wind) because of the wind blowing in and out of the cave. To make the entrance as air tight as possible, an concrete entrance building was erected. The cave is renowned for its speleothems.