Kyzyl-Yar Cave

Maksimovicha Cave - Kyzyl-Yarovskaya Cave

Useful Information

Location: North of the abandoned village Kyzyl-Yar.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Riphean limestones
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=2,217m
Guided tours:
Address: Kyzyl-Yar Cave, Kulmas Village, Tereklu Village, Archangelskoye Settlement, Beloretsky Region, Bashkortostan.
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Kyzyl-Yar Cave is located on the right side of the valley of the river Bolshoi Inzer. The name is derived from a village 800 m to the south, Kyzyl-Yar, which does not exist any more.

Kyzyl-yarovskaya cave is one of the largest caves of the southern Ural and forms a classical labyrinth. The entrance is about 13 m above the river at the foot of a 40 m high cliff and rather small (0.80x0.40 m). Once behind this narrow part the cave opens and there are numerous huge halls, like Hall of Hydrographers, The Failure Grotto, Arakaevskij Hall, and Cosmic Hall. Arakaevskij Hall is 60 m long, 7-13 m wide and up to 7 m high. Cosmic Hall is the largest chamber of the cave, also 60 m long but 12m wide and 15 m high. It has a weird accoustics, because it has a dtop-like shape. The east part of the chamber is wider and contains a cave lake, some 220 m² in size. This chamber contains rare helictites and calcite crystals.

The whole cave has extraordinary speleothems. There are stalagmites, stalactites, rimstone pools, helictites, dogtooth spars, cave pearls and other rare calcite concretions.

This cave was explored by the late Prof. ExplainGeorge A. Maximovich who was at the Perm University. To his honour the cave is often called Maksimovich Cave.